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Here is a protein supplement that, due to a properly balanced diet and workouts, will help you get real results! Whey Protein Complex 100% is a combination of CFM isolate and Whey Protein Concentrate, allowing you to supplement your daily diet with the necessary amount of protein for your muscles, without investing in half measures! Are you growing you muscle mass? Or maybe you are in the process of losing weight? Remember to provide your muscles with full-value proteins – their key building material!

The raw material used for the production of the Whey Protein Complex 100% protein nutrient is characterized by a high degree of purity. The innovative production technology as well as the extensive knowledge and many years of experience of scientists from the Olimp Labs Research and Development Center in creating dietary supplements have enabled creating a high-quality protein supplement that has been trusted by millions of people around the world!

A specific amount of two sourced protein, a low content of saturated sugars and fats, as well as a rich aminoacid profile are undoubtedly the most important advantages of the Whey Protein Complex 100%. Popular among athletes and amateur sports enthusiast, and also the flagship dietary supplement of the Olimp Sport Nutrition brand is a real sales top, available in many amazing flavors that will satisfy even the most demanding fans of various sports disciplines. See for yourself! Choose your favorite flavor and work on your dream figure with a new ally!

When you decide on the Whey Protein Complex 100% protein supplement, remember not to exceed the daily serving stated on the packaging. The product cannot be considered a replacement for a balanced diet, but only its additive. Do not forget about a healthy life-style and  varied diet.

As the name itself suggests, Whey Protein Complex 100% is a complex mixture of two protein fractions derived from concentrate and whey isolate. In this way, Olimp Laboratories experts, using innovative technology and based on their own, extensive knowledge, have developed a dietary supplement not only for professional athletes, but also for amateurs and beginners who are just beginning to work on the definition of their body.

The Gold Edition protein supplement has been manufactured with the use of heavy metal-tested ingredients including a high-quality, pure raw material. With whey isolate and concentrate contained in Whey Protein Complex 100% showing different digestion and absorption kinetics, the release of energy and saturation of blood with amino acids is spread over time. A specific dose of protein in each of delicious servings also allows you to optimally meet the demand for the main muscle building material, namely protein.

What else does the Olimp Sport Nutrition protein supplement contain? Each serving (35g) is only 134 rich calories! What is more, each serving also contains 1.4g of sugars (per serving) and 1.5g of fats (per serving), which undoubtedly facilitates building lean muscle mass. Whey Protein Complex 100% is also a nod to dieters who should remember about supplementing their daily diet with high-quality proteins while reducing body fat.


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